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Hemp Milk Ice “Cream”


Here’s a random review just because this was SO fantastic! I will probably review products on this blog but I’m not sure if I will review things I don’t like? Time will tell I guess, as this blog makes it’s way.

So I’m at Whole Foods today and just before I head to the check out I remember I want to grab my favorite Ice “Cream” made from coconut milk (Turtle Mountain’s So Delicious, Cookie Dough). I open the door, reach in… but then something stops me because I can’t decide if I might be in the mood for a different flavor? I shut the door, look around, look right and Voila, I spot a NEW Dairy-Free Ice “Cream” by my favorite hemp milk brand, Living Harvest called Tempt. Looking at the price tag I was like, Oh Yeah! About a dollar or so cheaper than my coconut brand (and being on a budget right now, this was the winner). I shouldn’t be surprised to have found this. When I got home and looked on the side of my Tempt hemp milk package, there was the ad. I guess I just overlooked it.

Tried this after dinner and I am in LOVE! Another treat to feel good about that’s also NOT Soy! I don’t know if you’ve heard but soy is not that great.  Too many studies contradicting one another (which make me crazy) when it comes to soy and it’s affects on our health. My motto is simply moderation.

Having coconut on the brain, I decided on the Coconut Lime flavor. It was toasted coconut too and it was GOOD! I will have to try all 5 flavors because this really exceeded my expectations. I wasn’t worried that it wasn’t labeled organic. Hemp seeds don’t need pesticides or herbicides to  grow. Hemp milk is my favorite non-dairy milk  made from hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are so good for us having naturally occurring Omega 3 & 6 which are in perfect balance. Hemp seeds have ALL 10 essential amino acids too!  But this dessert still has sugar folks, so it’s something to enjoy in moderation. Careful not to become a vegan junk food junkie!

Don’t get me wrong, I am still crazy about my coconut ice cream.  But some people don’t love the taste of coconut and I myself am not always in the coconut mood. So when you  are feeling like a real cold and creamy, good for you and the planet, kind to animals dessert which doesn’t have a hint of coconut (aside from the obvious flavor I picked), definitely try this! I wanna say this is as creamy as So Delicious. By the way, I am not affiliated in any way to either company, just so you know. But maybe if I am lucky, they will send me some coupons! Hint hint… lol

Let’s review, cuz I’m feeling like a smarty pants… Hemp milk is good for us.  Cow’s milk is not. Cow’s milk clogs arteries, robs bones of calcium and makes for bad skin! Oh there’s more,  but I will stop here. Baby cows should drink their mother’s milk and humans should drink their mothers milk. Soooo yet another wonderful product to prove that where there is a will, there is a way! Why cow’s milk?! And who started that whole mess anyway?

ps. I have no clue why luck has it that most of the pics are matching my blog so far… I just thought this was kinda funny and wanna say, I did not plan this!

Enjoy the Journey,

The Karmatarian~

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