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A Powerful Vegan Speech with WOW Factor!

If there is suffering on your plate… there is suffering in your future.

~ Unknown

If this isn’t the best speech I have heard in a long time! Wow Wow and WOW! Feel this man’s passion!!! It gives me chills each and every time I listen to it. Don’t let the title scare you. Hear and learn in ten minutes what I have been learning about for the past 5 years! Really take in what this man is saying with an open mind. I wish this was me up there at that podium! This explains so much about my path and my passion and the passion of so many like minded people.

This is more than a fantastic reminder of why to choose plant based! I hope Phillip Wollen’s speech helps you as much as it did me, to remain STRONG on this path. This couldn’t of come at a better time. This week, there has been a bit of a questioning in my soul as others questioned me and caused me to second guess my choices. I am grateful this happened because it made me ask. I received an answer and it strengthened my character just that much more.

It absolutely never fails… when I quietly ask God, the universe, infinite intelligence or the higher power (or whatever you choose to call it) to show me an answer to my question, and when I let it go and forget about it, I always wake up to the answer within a day or two. It usually hits me SMACK across the face! This video was my answer. It appeared in my experience after I asked WHY? Why did I wake up to the mess we have created here on earth, while so many others are still asleep? It’s not an easy path at times. Why do I have such strong convictions for peace on earth? More importantly, why am I questioned by those who wish and choose to remain in the dark and continue to contribute to the mess? Shouldn’t I be questioning them? How is it that I am extreme? People kill emotional, thinking and feeling beings by the billions per week. Aren’t they really the extremists? What is so wrong with having and showing compassion for those with no voice? Why is it a sign of weakness to the opposed when someone shows mercy for the planet and animals? Why am I holding strong, choosing vegan and feeling the push to educate? Why me… when I could easily remain ignorant too.

“Let’s just call things what they are. When a man’s love of finery clouds his moral judgment, that is vanity. When he lets a demanding palate make his moral choices, that is gluttony. When he ascribes the divine will to his own whims, that is pride. And when he gets angry at being reminded of animal suffering that his own daily choices might help avoid, that is moral cowardice.”

~Matthew Scully

Choosing vegan is not always easy and (unfortunately) it makes you different. People don’t like when someone they know is being or acting different. People naturally want others to be the same. This point has been used against me, too and I get it. But the way I see it… anything on the flip side of choosing vegan and choosing peace, when those choices factually and clearly cause suffering on so many different levels only contribute to the death energy of our culture. How is this good and how can it be defended in any way at all? Except for the fact that we were born into it. But now we have the opportunity to get educated and do what we can to stop contributing to the disaster. It has been confirmed by Cornell and Harvard that the amount of animal foods we need in our diet for good health is precisely ZERO.

Veganism isn’t a religion, it’s based on cold hard facts. I believe that humans are inherently good and this is still true of carnivores, for which I was once one. But this is why vegans educate. We won’t get anywhere in our evolution towards peace by being silent about things that matter. The world needs educators. This world needs vegans. Until all religions practice what they preach, I guess we the vegans are the preachers! So be it.

“If we all understand that animals can use their eyes to see, ears to hear, noses to smell, mouths to eat, legs to walk, feathers to fly, fins to swim, genitalia to procreate, bowels to defecate. I’m always perplexed that most people don’t believe that they can also use their brains to think.

~Gary Yourofsky

My questioning goes further…Why do I feel such opposition to something that is so wanted by so many people… Peace on earth? They say they want it… But how are they going about creating it? Actions speak louder than words.

I do feel that I am on the right path, but why is it so damn frustrating at times? Should I give in and just give up on peace? My answer was clear. NO. “The stone age didn’t end because we ran out of stones”. We evolve…. we are still evolving and we are heading into the age of Aquarius – the Golden Age – when peace is finally at the forefront. This revolution needs pioneers. I guess I was picked to be one of them. I really hope to see vegans out number the unconscious at some point in my lifetime and I hope it’s before the year 2048 when the oceans run dry and my son and his children have to deal with it. Pass the buck… hasn’t this been the way all along?

This FACT about destroying our waterways and ocean was confirmed by Cornell University’s Oceanography Professor, Bruce Monger, who lectured in my plant based nutrition course. It’s Cornell! Not some unknown, credit-less university. We also had David Pimentel, Professor of Ecology and Agricultural Sciences from Cornell teaching us the facts and how we are destroying the earth with our Western diet choices! So if you have to, forget optimal health, forget animal suffering. This planet is going down, simply due to food production, and that’s enough reason on it’s own to preach a plant based diet! The good news… Over 600 Million vegetarians and counting. It is comforting for me to know that among this group, we all have one thing in common and it’s found within our hearts. Peace.

If you know anything about quantum energy and how it works – by contributing to bloodshed, it just creates more bloodshed. Human bloodshed, animal bloodshed… Blood is blood. There’s nothing peaceful about it. What’s more is that the greed of people on this planet is beyond reasonable. “The Earth can produce enough food for our need but not enough for our Greed”. Perfectly stated. Thank you, Phillip Wollen. Follow his Facebook Page to keep up with this amazing hero! I also found his website. There is something fascinating about a man who exudes confidence and compassion and a has a burning passion in his heart to end suffering and bring peace. A man who is also fearless in spreading the word of peace even though he knows he will be greatly opposed… Uh…kinda reminds me of Jesus, wouldn’t you say?

Too often, I am afraid of speaking my mind on my own damn blog for fear of offending someone. Well I am over it. I should be the one offended by those not taking the free education that I offer and then choosing better. It’s not hard. Where we are heading is going to be a lot harder. I am also a bit fed up with those who choose to debate me but who refuse to educate themselves on the topic. They just all of the sudden become an expert nutritionist or biologist. I actually study this stuff for a living. I wasn’t born vegan. It was an educated choice. It was the smartest choice I saw fit for the best in health for me, my family and everyone around me who benefits from my choices. I should be thanked, honored, and rolled out a red carpet. To be and do different (in the name of peace) in this world takes bravery. Period. If I reflect to those a lack in ability to live up to their fullest potential to be and do their best in this lifetime, instead of perceiving this as a threat of some kind, use this reflection to take a closer look at the ways in which you can do better. For your best health and the world around you.

Let me please share and clarify where I stand. At first, when my eyes were freshly opened to our food production system. I was horrified. I did open my big mouth on Facebook and post a lot of animal rights issues. My friends may have branded me for that. I do not apologize for it by any means BUT I have come to learn that people don’t respond well to animal suffering for whatever reasons that their egos use to protect them. I have however, for my own sanity, switched my main focus back to health because animal suffering is not a fun topic… and what do you know? I’ll say it again… It has been confirmed by Cornell and Harvard that the amount of animal foods we need in our diet for good health is precisely ZERO. So my education in plant based nutrition only solidified that I was on the right path from the start. When we honor ourselves and eat whole plant based foods. Everyone wins. Studying nutrition and becoming certified in plant based nutrition has helped to shift my focus from shock and awe of animal abuse back toward helping people beat and avoid horrific diseases that are coincidentally only caused by animal foods. This is a win win! I still haven’t forgotten the animals and I never will. Why? Because we are all one. We are all connected. Because that animal who suffers is you… and me.

Inevitably, there will be more peace energy on this earth when the majority finally decide to eat the way that God intended. That damn flood had to go and ruin everything! Give people an inch and they take a mile… in this case they are taking down the whole damn planet!

In this weeks conclusion, I settled back onto my path with stronger convictions than ever before and I was reminded of a few amazing quotes –

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident”

~Arthur Schopenhauer

And when this day comes, where truth is all of the sudden self evident to those who question and oppose me now, I will have to write another blog post about how pissed off I am that at times it felt like my quest for peace never existed in this equation in the first place… even though I stood here all along beating this BIG ASS DRUM! Lol

The most important thing to remember for those of us who strongly choose to light the way… let it be by way of education and living a great example, even a good debate every now and then but NO judgment…. Even still, your opposition will try to knock you down. Just get back up! Because for every one who can’t see the light, there are ten others who will, and it’s because of the torch we carry.  The good news is, that we are all to start waking up. 2012 is just the beginning. If you are one on this vegan path, I just want to say thank you for adding to the collective energy that will shift this dark planet into the light! I have no doubt this is right where I belong.

So take a few minutes to hear one of the best speeches toward peace on earth and leave me your thoughts in the comments below!

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

~Martin Luther King Jr.

Enjoy the journey,

This rant brought to you by…

~The Karmatarian

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PSS. The recipe didn’t win out this week. Lol… Next week! I try to write this blog organically, what is strong in my experience at the time gets put out there into the universe, as there must be a reason for it’s timing.

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My Visit to the Chicago Health Freedom Expo

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results ~ Albert Einstein

That’s not insanity; it’s bad memory ~  Marilu Henner

I consider learning fun. Guess I’m just a little weird like that. I was able to attend the Health Freedom Expo over the past weekend and it was packed with information on, you guessed it… health and freedom. Lol. I attended with my mom (She’s the beautiful woman on the left… I am so lucky to have a mom like her) and we always have a lot of laughs and a bit of adventure. We made some fun memories. Did you know that memories are almost always connected to adrenaline? Good or bad. If you have adrenaline attached to the experience, there’s a much better chance that you will remember it.

Marilu Henner gave a high energy talk about how to makeover our memories. We can use our past to better shape our future… if we actually remember what happened! I hear more and more people talk about how they just can’t remember anything anymore, including myself. I joked with my mom about the fact that I hear people say all the time – I just don’t want to remember the past because the past is the past. Well guess what? Every day lived, you create more memories which become the past. If you tell yourself you don’t want to remember the past, then you surely aren’t going to remember a damn thing! Our intentions are quite powerful.

Pretty cool that Marilu Henner grew up in Chicago and said that she loves us Chicago folks, as we are the curious ones! and she’s also a fellow vegan, I loved that Marilu Henner threw out the concept of eating healthy in her talk about creating a healthy memory. Our bodies work together with the brain and she said, what is good for the body, is good for the brain. She suggested a plant based diet and if you are not there yet, then at least do meatless Monday. She actually remembers the exact day and time that she gave up dairy because Marilu Henner is one of only 12 documented cases of Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory in the world! She can remember the exact day and time of all kinds of events that have taken place in her life and doctors are studying her brain to better help understand such things as Alzheimer’s disease. Marilu told me that she was not going to let her parents die in vain as they both experienced early deaths. She realized why they died so young…. the standard American diet!

There are three parts to a memory according to Marilu Henner and her newest book Total Memory Makeover: Anticipation, Participation and Recollection. Recollecting is the most important part of the memory process and as a child she learned this from her dad who stressed this idea to her. She believes that her amazing ability is part nature and part nurture. She claims that we can do it too! She suggests that every night while brushing our teeth for two minutes, go over every part of our day. This will help to embed those memories into our brains for better recollection.

There are four types of memory retrieval: Horizontal, Vertical, Mushrooming, and Sporadic. These are helpful to know, so that you can use the ones that work best for you. I can’t go into detail here, but these are all in the new book. Marilu also reminded us of our senses and how we each use different senses to recall memories. It was fun to think about how we personally recall memories when she asked what works for us. I am a little of everything…. no wonder I have trouble remembering!

There is also an interesting way in which we recall a memory. It’s either in the first person or the third person. We either relive the memory as us going through it or we watch ourselves doing it from an outsider type perspective… Which way do you recall a memory?

Having a good memory by way of training it, was something that I never really stopped to think about. But I too, want to live an unforgettable life! I love new ideas and concepts and I can’t wait to start reading her newest book. I hope to give you a better review of it when I am finished.

As for my mom and I and the rest of the expo… we visited every booth, talked to really cool people and we also listened to Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr. speak on reversing heart disease. I will share bits and pieces of that with you later. It was very insightful. We ended the day with our heads spinning! One thing for certain, throughout the day the words plant based diet was stressed from all different educators. It’s catching on folks! Slowly but surely.

Oh, don’t be afraid of a so called scary memory. The fear of remembering it is far greater than the memory itself. Take that memory and do something positive with it and you will do your future self a big favor!

I had such a fun day at the Expo and it was so wonderful to meet Marilu Henner. She has such a wonderful spirit! I will leave you with a couple quotes from Marilu Henner’s new book. And remember… memories matter!

Memory is the mother of all wisdom ~ Aeschylus

We cannot change our memories, but we can change their meaning and the power they have over us.

~ David Seamands

Enjoy the Journey,

~The Karmatarian

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