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Matcha Green Tea Smoothie

Friends often ask me about the vegan diet, which they notice has changed my health for the better. Yes, it truly has. But looking back, I would have to say no, it’s not the vegan diet alone, it’s really raw food that has had the most tremendous impact on my health! I have been drinking green smoothies for three years now and I have skipped very few days. I have most likely consumed around 1,000 green smoothies so far! I also try to enjoy a beautiful salad daily, so that makes two raw food meals per day! I simply cannot say enough positive things about raw food, especially the green smoothie. I give it full credit for changing my health!

As time goes on, I find that the vibration of the raw food world is calling me louder and louder. I find that there is a big difference in the negative energy unfairly associated with being vegan (being all about abstinence) vs. the positive energy and reaction of being into raw foods. It’s mind blowing really. Raw food folks are vegan too. They just aren’t focused on what they don’t eat. They are focused on what they do eat. Living foods that soak up the sun, which have necessary enzymes our bodies need, which are still intact as those vital nutrients have not been cooked away! Do I really care if someone thinks negatively of my vegan diet? Absolutely not. I know the truth. I see and feel the results for myself. I also feel better that I am not part of animal exploitation. I just wonder why Vegan and Raw conjure up such different reactions? One so negative and the other positive.  However, I do feel that where I am at with my level of awareness, I am getting ready to evolve again! I am finding that I am more drawn right now to the creativity and health benefits of the raw food world. So the journey continues…

I’ve been doing some soul searching on a personal level lately and have found myself asking… Why? Why has my awareness and diet evolved into where it is now? Vegan/Raw? It hasn’t been all that easy at times. I do take note of how I feel and I would never ever go back. But I’m an analytical type, very fate oriented. I look, and usually see the bigger picture. But I still question what the bigger picture might be in my case. I know there is more to this from a universal perspective. I feel it.

I am a spiritualist and have been paying attention to the shift our universe has been undergoing these past few years. The so called shift into the 5th dimension. It may be more than you are willing to open your mind up to, take in or notice at this time, or hopefully you are very aware of it too.  In my asking lately, I believe I have been granted an answer that makes some sense to me. The other day I came across an AMAZING article about the horrific events in Japan regarding radiation from the nuclear meltdown and the affects that it will soon have on all of us and our health. Supposedly there will be more of these major earth changes all over the planet in the next few years.  A  nuclear meltdown can happen where we live just as easily.  Most importantly the article explains how to avoid the negative implications of radiation exposure. Eating low on the food chain. Eating plants! The article is written by Gabriel Cousens, M.D. and I feel it is a must read! He wrote a follow up article that is just as great, that explains why radiation is a huge problem aside from the Fukishima disaster and how we should  strive to be as healthy as we can  by eating the right things to avoid radiation exposure that is compounding in our daily lives. I believe that on some level, I may be one of the many being prepared by the universe/God to help prepare others. It’s up to those I may influence if they will be open to listen and take action or will they go down with the death and destruction to occur in the 3rd dimension?

You may not understand or care about any of this dimension stuff or have very different beliefs. But the beliefs we probably should have in common are the undeniable health benefits of eating plants vs. animals. Isn’t it interesting that more and more of us are finally lining up our ethics with our taste buds and helping the world evolve… hopefully into the 1,000 years of peace/new earth/heaven on earth or the new age of Aquarius to come, as predicted. I believe as Gabriel does, that what is happening now on earth with these devastating natural disasters  which are exposing truths and illusions, are wake up calls from God to change our outdated ways of living and doing things. Are we going to listen this time? That’s the real question.

Okay…. I’ll try to lighten the mood back up here. After all it’s a drinking holiday. One to drink your troubles away not add to them…

St. Patty’s day has rolled around again and I can’t believe it’s been a year since I posted The Shamrock: Introducing the Green Smoothie. Where has the time gone?! I occasionally tweet and/or post green smoothie recipes on Facebook from time to time. So if you aren’t following me, you probably have missed those. It’s on my list of to-do’s to share more of my tried and true’s here on the blog. If you missed some or don’t want to wait and are interested in a few of my favorites, please comment to this post or email me and I will be happy to send you some.

What I really wanted to come up with was my own vegan version of McDonald’s Shamrock shake because if I hear one more person talk about how much they love those stupid things… Don’t they get it? I can only imagine its true contents of unnecessary chemicals. McDonald’s website describes the shake as, “the minty green treat”. The ingredient list for the shamrock shake syrup includes high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, water, sugar, natural flavor, xanthan gum, citric acid, sodium benzoate (preservative), yellow 5, and blue 1. Glucose. Stabilizers: E412 guar gum, E452 sodium phosphate, E407 carrageenan, E466 carboxymethylcellulose and vanilla flavor. Take note that carboxymethylcellulose is a laxative. Also the shake sports at least 550 calories, 8 grams of saturated fat along with at least 1 gram of trans fat. I am sure they won’t reveal all of their secrets and I know it won’t be hard at all to come up with a simple vegan version minus all this bad stuff. I ended up having to leave town for a quick trip to Raleigh, NC for a trading class. Long story short, I ran out of time and couldn’t get it accomplished. So it’s now on “the list”. Lol. I posted an interesting Shamrock shake recipe that I found at the end of this post for you.

Hopefully you can see past the hype of the McD’s Shamrock shake and look at food more as fuel for your cells than merely pleasure as we know that a pleasure only attitude towards diet has major repercussions. Try to think about green shakes in a new way. Make your own dairy free version so you know what’s actually in it or try a real green smoothie to get in the spirit of green for this Irish holiday and every day!

Matcha Green Tea Smoothie

The recipe I want to share with you is all about GREEN. It’s quite fitting, although, you may wonder as it is Asian inspired, yes I realize it’s an Irish holiday!  I am not sure if I should feel guilty for posting this because of what is transpiring in Japan. I am sending my prayers every chance I get.

Anyway, green smoothies are something you should drink everyday, not just once a year or once in a while. The health benefits of these green wonders are endless and when consumed each morning. They fill you up, ground you and most importantly detox and alkalize your blood. So start your day off right!

The advice I have is just to make them simple. I let myself get far too fancy over time and have added all kinds of crap… well, not really, just supplements to my smoothies that have taken them away from tasting terrific. I found that I wasn’t enjoying them as much anymore. I started simplifying and doing things like making my protein shake later on as a snack or adding supplements to other foods throughout my day. This has helped me to fall in love with my smoothies all over again!

One thing that I do like to do is add my green powdered super-food supplement to my green smoothie. This just adds to the green power and doesn’t throw off the taste too much. But once in a while you need to have some fun with your smoothies. I had some extra Matcha green tea powder on hand from when I made green tea vegan cupcakes from The book “Vegan cupcakes take over the world” and so I added this to my smoothie for more antioxidant power… and also because I felt a bit special and deserving that day! After all, others will only treat you how you treat you. We should do something nice for ourselves every day!

Matcha will give you an energy boost, it’s extremely high in antioxidants, vitamins A, C & E and is a natural source of dietary fiber. The leaves used become rich in chlorophyll and amino acids from the shading process.

What I noticed about this smoothie is that it is extra frothy and light. An absolute treat! It’s very special because Matcha is not cheap stuff! So when you want to treat yourself, try this Matcha Green Tea Smoothie and be sure to let me know what you think!!!

You’ll need

1 large ripe banana

Very large handful of Green Chard

1 Cup Vanilla Almond Milk

1 tsp Matcha Green Tea Powder

Ice *optional

Blend and enjoy!

The Karmatarian~

Also try this version of a Shamrock Shake using Matcha

I might add vanilla soy, hemp or coconut milk ice cream or ice cubes!

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