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Goddess Salad

Originally I wanted to call this, Pea-Carrot-Eyeball Salad. But I refrained. Vegan of course, but no measurements. I just eyeballed this.  Really, it had nothing to do with the fact that carrots contain carotene, which is converted to Vitamin A by the liver and just so happens to be great for our eyeballs.

I’ve been thinking about posting some easier recipes on the blog, stuff I just throw together to give a few more ideas as to what the hell a vegan eats. So here is one that’s super easy. I completely took the idea and adapted it just a touch, and really just a touch, from Trader Joe’s. I do shop there, I do… I should just work for the company for all the things I post!

When I made this, I turned it into a full meal by adding cubed marinated tofu which I got from… you guessed it, Trader Joe’s. I used their organic baked Teryaki Tofu. Voila! A cool dinner on a hot summer night. It was very good. But you don’t necessarily need to do that.

This is a terrific side salad to serve in any season, to anyone and everyone, not just vegans.

Note: Carrots are rich in sodium, sulphur, chlorine and contain traces of iodine. The mineral content in carrots lie very close to the skin.  So think twice before peeling!

Carrot greens can be eaten and are high in vitamin K,  which is lacking in the carrot itself.

Goddess Salad

What you’ll need

2 Large Carrots… or so

About 1 Cup Frozen Organic Sweet Peas, Thawed

Handful of Raisins

About 1/2 Cup or so Sliced or Slivered Almonds. *If you would like to substitute for the nuts, use Sunflower Seeds.

Trader Joe’s Goddess Dressing, to taste. Or you can use Annie’s brand Goddess Dressing.

Agave Nectar, to taste


Using a food processor, shred the carrots. Add carrots, peas, almonds and some raisins to a bowl and mix well. Add Goddess Dressing. Mix well. Taste. Add a little agave. Mix. Taste. Add more agave if needed.


The Karmatarian~

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