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Pushing the Food Revolution Forward ~ Food, Inc. at the Oscars! A Review


I’m really excited for the Oscars this year! One of the most important documentary’s of our time is making its way down the red carpet. I’ll be watching in hopes Food, Inc. takes home a golden statue not to mention the hot celebrities and gorgeous gowns.

Food, Inc. was nominated for 5 Best Documentary awards in 2010 including the prestigious Oscar. It won twice for Best Documentary in 2009, being nominated for a total of 3 in that category. But how do you  know Food, Inc is really a big deal? Because it made the Oprah Winfrey show of course!

Food, Inc. promises that you will never look at dinner the same way again… because if you knew the truth… you might not want to eat it. This “Must See” film is a fascinating look behind the scenes of our Food “System” exposing the high price we actually pay for cheap food.

The supermarket is just an illusion~ you’ll be shocked to find out just how little we actually know about the groceries we buy. I have been researching this topic for quite some time and I thought I knew a thing or two. I was amazed at what I learned and found that I had to pick my jaw up off the floor a few times throughout this film.

A well done and powerful documentary featuring Michael Pollan, Author of “The Omnivores Dilemma”, Eric Schlosser, Investigative Journalist, Joel Salatin, Owner/Farmer of Polyface farms in Virgina and Gary Hirshberg, founder of  Stoneyfield Farms, which in my opinion are all knowledgeable, well spoken leaders of the food revolution and have gained my instant respect.

Food, Inc is like a crash course regarding food conspiracy and the greed that drives it. The biggest complaint is that it only skims the surface of what we don’t know and can’t possibly touch on everything we should know in only an hour and 31 minutes! I personally wanted the film to discuss more, especially about pesticides and the cruel egg and dairy industries. I was disappointed it didn’t, however, I’m very anxious and hopeful for a sequel!

“We have never had food companies this powerful in our history”

This film is probably not what you think. It’s not about turning people into vegetarians or even so much about animal rights. It is about our food production which has changed drastically in the last 50 years and the hidden truths that our government and food producers DO NOT want us to know! You can make up your own mind about what makes it on your grocery list after you see this.

There is a lot we don’t know about the power of greed regarding the food industry. In the last 25 years our government has been dominated by the very industries it’s meant to be regulating!

  • Curious why we have diabetes and obesity at epidemic levels?
  • Ever wonder why half the world is starving and the other half Obese?

  • Corn… a conspiracy! Who knew? Cattle, forced to eat corn to fatten quickly, develop deadly E coli strains and the government supports it! Exactly who is looking out for our health? The government supports making anything and everything out of corn. We’re even teaching fish to eat it! Farmers are being bullied by large corporations who control Corn and Soybeans from seed to supermarket and who are genetically modifying our food to tolerate more pesticides.

  • Wondering if your dinner will be from a test tube tonight? Because you may not know that in January, 2008 the FDA approved the sale of meat and milk from cloned livestock and companies are not required to label it!

  • Curious why the big deal about organics anyway and why you should be buying them?

By the way…

“Organic isn’t the alternative. Conventional is the radical alternative, and it has Failed”

There is so much more great information in this film and I don’t want to give everything away… questions you never knew you had will be answered about the food industry including positive steps we can take to change it.

What better film to win an Oscar than a well done, entertaining, informative documentary that can help save lives and change the way America eats. Thanks to this film for an increased consumer demand of organic and humanely produced food! Food, Inc. stresses that the consumer is powerful. I truly hope they take home this award!

So I’ll be cheering for Food, Inc at the Oscars and I hope you will too. Is your popcorn ready? If you’ve seen this film, chances are it will be Non-GMO! If you haven’t seen it, you are missing out! This is seriously one of the most important documentaries you and your family could see. I recommend buying a copy… or 2, because once you see this, you will definitely want to circulate it to all of your friends!

“Our skewed food system is not an accident”… It’s time you knew the truth!

Ps. When the end of the movie leaves you wanting more… be sure to watch the deleted scenes, they have a lot of great added information!

To purchase your copy of Food, Inc. please click here.

*Update* Boo hiss! Food, Inc. did not take home the Oscar, but more awards may be in their future. Hey, a nomination for the Oscar is not too shabby! Oh, and congrats to the Cove!

Please share your reviews, I would love to know your thoughts!

Enjoy the Journey,

The Karmatarian~

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*Quotes taken from the film Food, Inc.

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A Blog is Born!

I can’t believe it. My blog is finally up!!! Excuse me while I do the happy dance because I am feeling pretty damn excited! It has taken me forever to get this thing off the ground as I faced one road block after another. Caught up in the downfall of the economy, I have had to deal with some very tough challenges. I held on to the idea of this blog and shared my excitement with whomever would listen. Little did I know it would be a while before it was up and running.

I would really love to know the reason for these life challenges as I question them often. I guess I could go along with the old boring saying “there’s a reason for everything” or maybe it’s something more creative and interesting like… the nine personal year numerology I was dealing with last year blocked my blogging efforts, but the idea for it came prematurely to give me something to hang onto and expand on in order to deliver this blog at the perfect time and in the perfect way. I like that! Whatever the reason, I guess it just is. From my numerology experience, I’ve learned that there is NO starting a new creative venture under nine “endings” energy… it  just won’t last and I’m far too superstitious! So I’m thankful for a new year, new numerology and that my wonderful friends and family are still excited about my blog even after all the waiting! To my dear friends and family, thank you so much for your patience and support.

I  feel positive change in the air and I am finally ready to start sharing.  The one thing I have held onto through all of the mayhem is eating right!

There is a food revolution taking place and I am very excited to be a part of it. I hope you will join me on my journey as I hope to cover a wide variety of food related topics, share information, ideas and of course, great tasting vegan recipes. Please sign up to be notified of my newest articles and let’s do this thing!


The Karmatarian~

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