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Holiday Nog Recipe


If you seriously make it your intention to pace yourself, you just might get through these holidays without added stress.  I was doing fine until I started into a baking frenzy which then totally threw my schedule back a few days. I’m one of those who get some kind of sick enjoyment by leaving so much until the very last minute.  But I was hell bent on getting it right, veganizing my favorite family cookie recipes and finally just gave up the fight – For now. Baking and I, we have unresolved issues.

So now I’m disappointed about my cookies, behind on buying and wrapping presents and I don’t really care, I’m just thinking about indulging in my favorite holiday drink a little early this year to ease my silly troubles…

I have an awesome drink to share that won’t add extra stress but hopefully take a bit away. Unless of course you can’t find Rice Dream Rice Nog which I find at my local Whole Foods Market. This drink is certainly not to be compared to traditional egg nog. Eating and drinking ethically tends to take your tastes to a higher level of sophistication which happens to be acquired and may mock similar flavors such as egg nog as we work with what we once knew, but let’s be honest here… it’s totally different.

This holiday nog concoction has been my tradition for the past three years. It’s light, refreshing and not heavy like real egg nog drinks.  I never really loved egg nog to be quite honest. But be it egg nog or other heavy drink, no one needs the added fat, calories, and that FULL feeling on top of all the holiday food, not to mention guilt over those who are truly stressed over the holidays, the overworked factory  “farm” animals. If you prefer drinking regular egg nog,  I hope you’ll reconsider as the holidays (at least) should be a time of peace for all.

Simplicity is what this drink is about, it’s not overpowering in flavor which is why I stick to the ingredients and haven’t tried to add any kind of cream like ingredients such as coconut, soy or almond as I don’t want those flavors to steal the show. I may eventually try it warmed up for a different spin and maybe even top it off with a little Rice Whip?

When you first taste this, you may not think it’s the end-all-be-all but after you sip it, you find you subtly crave more and more and if your not careful, you can find yourself feeling quite happy sooner than planned, which can actually be a good thing.

Holiday Nog

What You’ll Need

4 oz Rice Dream Rice Nog

1 oz Kahlua


Handful of Ice

Shake it, Baby

Put the ingredients together in a martini shaker and shake it up. Strain/pour into your glass of choice and sprinkle with a little nutmeg.

Cheers to a happy, simple and stress free Vegan holiday with a sophisticated twist on familiar flavors!

Ps. When the holidays have flown by, you can still enjoy a similar drink any time of year. Try it with Rice Dream in Chocolate and Vanilla Hazelnut flavors!!!


The Karmatarian~

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