Number Energy for 2012 – Why I Choose Vegan

Happy New Year to all of my friends and readers out there! Welcome 2012… this is the year it will finally be revealed to us the true reason we came into the world at this precise time in the human journey. At least this is the consensus among spiritualists and meta-physicists out there.

For those who know me, know I am a big numerology fan. I have been calculating the number energy and vibrations for years and I find it fascinatingly right on the money more than anything else, metaphysically speaking. It’s right so much so, that I am about to hang a pink neon flashing sign in my window and offer readings. I think I could make a far better living.

Do you know what energy vibration the world is encountering in 2012? Brace yourself! We are in a 5 vibration. We are due for some dramatic changes here on earth and it will all be happening this year. This is the year for change, freedom, travel, learning from mistakes, diversity, different cultures, chance, variety, choice, different belief systems, the unusual, the physical, the sudden and unexpected… think wild card here because anything can and will happen this year!

We are now at the halfway point of an entire nine-year cycle. The events of the ‘middle’ year show us the difference between the old, the present and our potential. It is an unsettled time because unexpected events that will occur help us to make decisions that will lead the way for the next four years of the numerology cycle. Choosing to stay focused as best as we can during these swift changes is so important this year. If we don’t stay focused on our goals we can find ourselves in the grips of some very reckless energy that the 5 year tempts us with. The damage done by choosing this reckless path can be irreparable! Look out for headlines in the news with much more divorce, overdose, gambling, corruption, fraud, pornography, and very unexpected things. Be prepared to be surprised.

People will become highly social this year and many will over do it on food and drink! As if we are not fat and unhealthy enough already! Sad Fact.

Of course with numerology there are positives and negatives to any number vibration, it is up to us which energy we will help to bring forth. The 5 year provides us new directions that are totally different than any we have taken before. The best way to approach this journey is with a totally different attitude. ADAPTABILITY. Be fluid like water! This is my mantra I say to myself on a daily basis lately because not only is the world energy a 5, my own personal year numerology is a 5. Double Whammy! I am a little scared to be honest, but love over fear is what I need to stay focused on and it is love energy that will direct me onto the best path this year. This holds true for ALL of us now.

Regarding world energy, each of us need to set our intentions. In which camp will you reside? Fear and greed or love and kindness?

How do we want the next four years to look and feel on earth? How about beyond the next four years? This is the year we decide our fate. I really believe that us souls here in human form have an inclination of what we will choose going forth in this HUGE dimensional shift taking place. But due to free will and the 5 energy which lands us right in the middle, it is our free will that is going to push us forward into the age of peace OR backward into death and darkness. I believe it is our very last chance to make our decision.

The good news is that the 5 energy brings us new ways of seeing and doing things and shows us how we handle our problems so that we can choose to handle them differently in the future. We have to learn from what is being shown to us and we must be adaptable. For the people who dislike change, they will have a big problem on their hands. If you are unwilling to adapt and go with the flow, you will be stuck behind in the death and destruction of the old. If you are adaptable, most likely you will follow your higher self, which always wants to reside among love and kindness. I believe if we choose love and kindness over fear and greed and that includes our own fear and greed, we will be blessed with all that the new world has to offer. There will be rewards we have never even dreamed possible. Heaven on earth, if you will.

I am going to tie this into diet here, of course, you know me. Why? Because food production is a HUGE part of the mess the world is in now. This can’t go on. Peace cannot exist with all the bloodshed happening to feed people food that only turns out to be making us sick and weighing us down with the old heavy energy. Most of us desire change and now more than ever we need to be the change!

We can only set our goals for 2012 and beyond by first gaining knowledge about what is going on in the world right now and this includes food production and any other reasons we exploit animals. There are so many great books and internet articles out there that will shine the light on these topics for you. Google it!

Let’s talk energy for a minute. Digestion of food is how we extract energy from our environment and how this energy works through us helps to create what is happening. Everything is energy. Should we consume death energy or life energy? That depends on what we want to create. What will our future look like?

I often get asked this question “why are you vegan?”. I usually don’t have a few hours at that random moment to catch people up to speed. Nor do I want to waste my time doing so if the question is insincere. But I am happy to share this answer to this question for you now with some pictures and great music. I ran across this video by EVOLVE! Campaigns and it’s certainly not as shocking as I would prefer, but a good start to fill people in none the less. I can do without “oh what a feeling Toyota” dude jumping in the one scene as my vegan cheese-o-meter went off for a second, but other than that its a good video. Not only does it answer the question it is also meant to help YOU decide what goals to strive for going into 2012.

If you are not a vegan and you want to remain not a vegan. Know why. Be proud of it, if it’s possible to do so. Next time you are annoyed by a vegan, stop and educate yourself on why they are a vegan and what they are doing to help change and improve OUR world. Anyone else on the brink of going vegan. Keep educating yourself and inundating yourself with the reasons why. It strengthens your convictions and your character and you will be honoring yourself, your family, your friends and our world by going vegan, plant based or whatever you choose to say. 

What will you help collectively create in this new world? Will you contribute to fear and greed or contribute to love? Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

2012 is about raising our consciousness and evolving. It’s about adaptability and change. Our best health depends on being adaptable. We can’t do the same things we have always done and expect different results. Who cares what the hell your neighbor or your friend is doing. What are YOU doing?

Watch this clip, set your intentions and be the change in 2012! Will I see you in the 5th dimension where love and peace abounds? I hope so, because that is certainly where I plan to be!

Then end of this clip asks a question. I want to know why you choose vegan. Please post your answer in my comment section below. Even if you plan to do it slow and gradual. I thank you! The new world thanks you!

Only the best wishes for you in 2012!

~The Karmatarian

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