Eat Your Way Out of the Matrix, Part Two – Spiritual Nutrition Workshop with Dr. Gabriel Cousens – My Review

Deficiencies on Vegetarian,Vegan and Meat Centered Diet

Welcome to part two of my review of Dr. Gabriel Cousens’ Spiritual Workshop. If you missed part one… the best diet for Spiritual Awakening, Click Here. The information in this post is intended to help you tweak your diet for optimal health and might help you put the puzzle together for yourself regarding differing views of the plant based diet from many teachers and doctors out there. After all, our human bodies work synergistically, like a symphony and need many different musical instruments working together in order to create beautiful music!

You many want to print this for reference, it’s a doozy!

*No one’s diet is sufficient enough for what is taking place in the world today. Supplementation is vital*

Mineralize- It’s Key!

Minerals are frequencies of consciousness, frequencies of light and frequencies of information needed for spiritual life.

Minerals are one of the deep secrets of Spiritual nutrition according to Dr. Cousens.

Ninety-Nine percent of Americans are mineral deficient according to the US Senate as early as 1936. The US Senate went on to mark that deficiency in any one of the more important minerals results in disease! Years later, things have only gotten worse as far as food production, mineral deficient soil, herbicides, pesticides and microwave ovens. Whether you are a meat eater or vegan, everyone needs to mineralize!

Minerals must be angstrom sized in order to be absorbed by our cells.

“Plants are able to take these minerals in, and break them down into angstrom-size, which they use. Once we understand that, we understand that the vegetables we eat transfer angstrom size minerals from the soil to us via the plants.” ~ Spiritual Nutrition, Dr. Gabriel Cousens.

We are able to use such products like Himalayan or Celtic sea salt with great results because they are angstrom sized minerals. Table salt and heated salt is covalently bonded. We cannot use it in the body and it gets stored as toxic build up in our tissues.

Iodine- Thyroid issues are HUGE! Seventy-Five to Ninety-Five percent of Americans have deficiency in Iodine. Iodine protects our thyroid. Vegans should pay more attention to thyroid function as it can be a bit lower. Eating meat, fish, dairy, etc… any food higher up on the food chain exposes us to high radiation and radiation destroys the thyroid. Iodine is the most powerful lymphatic cleanser there is! Iodine flushes out the top toxins which are Bromine and then Chlorine which are both bad for our thyroid and also Flouride. Iodine protects against radiation! We are all exposed to tons of radiation throughout a given day. 

Magnesium-  80% of the population is low in magnesium In 1936, the U.S. congress found that 99% of the U.S. population had some mineral deficiencies. It is clear there is a need for general mineral supplementation.

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Your Brain is Shrinking!  Our brains shrink at 1% per year. By age 60 as much as 2 inches are lost! Our height also shrinks with age due to dehydration. By keeping yourself completely hydrated you can actually lengthen the spine as our discs are 3/4 water.  Supplementing with B12 also helps against brain shrinkage.

Which kind of Water is best?  Alkalized water is NOT the answer. It is NOT good for us. You need alkalized minerals to get alkaline, not water. Eating Live foods alkalizes you, alkalized water does not. Alkalized water does work short term but long term it can have detrimental effects!

Dr. Cousens jokingly said, spring water is best… if you live near a spring that is! The best water for drinking is distilled, mature water that is mineralized, crystallized and blessed if you are going the spiritual route. Crystals energize the distilled water. When you distill water, you free up the natural hydrogen so it can hydrate the cells.

*Healthy water with a TDS (total dissolved solids) of 50 or less increases alkalinity of our extracellular fluid and increases the acidity of our intracellular fluid. This is what we want.  When people (usually ones with cancer) are told they are acidic, it means they have high acidic extracellular fluid.

“Acid producing foods, such as meat, alkalinize the cytoplasm and actually deprive the DNA of the hydrogen ions that DNA needs for replication. Meat acidifies the extracellular fluid and alkalinizes the intracellular fluid, which is just the opposite of the direction we want to go”~ Spiritual Nutrition, Dr. Gabriel Cousens

As we age, we de-mineralize and cellularly dehydrate. Our thirst mechanisms often times don’t alert us and they lose the ability to do so with age. It is very important to drink at least two quarts of pure water each day. Even if you aren’t thirsty!

How do you know you are hydrated? Simply… If you pee every 1-2 hours then you are hydrated! If you pee every 3-4 hours, you are not so hydrated.

Blessing the Water- Water is living! Remember my article Saying Grace and Making the Bed? I talked about Dr. Masaru Emoto’s brilliant research regarding how water energy changes according to what energy it’s exposed to. Dr. Cousens also references Dr. Emoto’s findings in his book Spiritual Nutrition. In general, the findings are that beautiful crystals form in the experiment when water has been exposed to beautiful thought forms, classical music and prayer.  Beautiful crystals do not form when water has been polluted… such as tap water which has been chlorinated. But when that water is exposed to prayer and thought forms of love and gratitude, beautiful hexagonal crystalline form in the experiment. So it is very important to project love and good thoughts onto water as we are 90% water and when we send out those messages of peace, love, and gratitude to water, it is connected to all people and all of nature!

*Very Important to know about blessing our food! Any loving prayer works to bless our water to energize it, This is also true with our food… LIVE FOOD. Live food contains structured water which can hold the vibration of prayer. Cooked food is dehydrated and any left over water is disorganized by the heat!! This is important information that I did not understand fully when I wrote my article….. It makes complete sense to me now.

B-12 Deficiency

Everyone is deficient in B12!!! Vegans and vegetarians run higher risk of becoming deficient over a span of 6-10 years without supplementation. Our bodies store B12 and use it daily so it depends upon the individual as to when we will be depleted. Non vegetarians most likely have a poor B12 status because so many factors contribute to B12 deficiency including poor nutrition, radiation exposure, drugs, toxins, alcohol, smoking, oral contraceptives, fungal infections, iron deficiency, mental stress… and more.

*Contrary to belief, B12 originates from bacteria not from meat. So you don’t have to eat meat to obtain B12 supplementation or even get it from an animal source!

Hydrochloric Acid- With age we lose the ability to produce hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid helps us to absorb B12. Dr. Cousens also recommends we supplement hydrochloric acid.

Carnosine- What is Carnosine? Two amino acids that bond together to act as a powerful antioxidant. Carnosine prevents glycoselation which is sugar that blocks cell function. Glycoselation is one of the main factors in aging. Everyone needs 1000 mg per day of Carnosine and non vegetarians would require eating 3 steaks per day to achieve this… we all know this is a bad idea, as meat is associated with chronic disease. We need to supplement Carnosine.

Vitamin D3-  Vitamin D protects against flu. It protects against 50-70% cancers, protects against diabetes, helps mothers have normal deliveries, and also promotes healthy brain function and cognition. Meat eaters and Vegetarians fall somewhere between 50-85% being deficient in vitamin D!

Vitamin D, K and A work together in the body. Vegans and meat eaters are low in K and 50% are low in Vitamin A. We should also supplement Vitamin K3 and Vitamin A.

We need healthy fats to be healthy!

Essential Fatty Acids

*Omega 3 deficiency may be a significant underlying factor of up to 96,000 premature deaths per year

We Need More FAT!!!  What?! Dr. Cousens recommends Higher Omega 3 essential fatty acids and saturated fat.  People are trained to fear fat but Plant fat is quite different than animal fat. Animal fat is where bad cholesterol comes from. Trans fat is the fat to avoid! Dr. Cousens revealed that his diet consists of about 40% plant fat! Some would argue that this is a very high amount.

Long chain omega 3 fatty acids- DHA The general population needs omega 3’s especially pregnant women. 90% of pregnant women are shown to be deficient! We need omega 3 long chain fatty acids. Fish oil has been the old go-to but fish oil is only 2%, it goes rancid and is contaminated with herbicides, pesticides and radiation. Coconut oil gives us at least 5%. And we are also lucky to have safe, adequate, non-oxidized versions that we get direct from algae such as golden algae. We can also get DHA from Purlsane herb and Blue Green Algae.

Short Chain Omega 3 fatty acids we can get from flax seeds, hemps seed and Chia seeds. We can convert these short chains into the needed long chains by adding coconut oil to our diet.

Medium Chain Omega 3 fatty acids like coconut oil increases the conversion of short chain to long chain omega 3 fatty acids by 3-6 percent!

*50% of our cell walls are made up of saturated fat! Our Brains require saturated fat to function properly.

*We need saturated fat and omega 3 saturated fat to maintain a healthy brain (this lack of healthy fat could explain some kooks out there!) and the release of GABA which protects against anxiety attacks, depression, panic attack. We need saturated fat for keytones that feed the brain which has become insulin resistant, fuel for the heart, protect liver from toxins, to lower cholesterol levels (in moderate amounts). If you have low cholesterol, that’s bad! People with low cholesterol run a risk of more suicides, and a brain that just doesn’t function right.

Dr. Cousens recommends coconut oil as neuro protective and as cardio protective! If you have low cholesterol he recommends high coconut oil. Coconut oil which is saturated fat is dramatically good for treating Alzheimers disease. The fat is converted directly by the liver to Keytones and then those keytones go right through to the brain and energize.

*People can be very damaged by a low fat vegan diet! 

*A low-fat vegan diet along with high sugar/ high complex carbohydrates is also VERY BAD!


OJAS~ “is a Sanskrit word which literally means “vigor”. According to the principles of Ayurveda it is the essential energy of the body which can be equated with the “fluid of life”. Those who practice Ayurveda say that Ojas is the sap of one’s life energy which, when sufficient, is equated with immunity and, when deficient, results in weakness, fatigue and ultimately disease.” ~ Wikipedia

We need more Omega 3 fats for Ojas, according to Dr. Cousens. Coconut oil, seed milks, chia seeds, walnuts and flax…. Long Chain omega 3’s, Blue Green Algae and E3 live, bee pollen, spirulina and chlorella!

How do we build OJAS? Omega 3’s, minerals, plant protein, bee pollen, algae, coconut oil, hemp seeds, macadamia nuts, avocado, nut and seed milks, dharmic living, sleep, bhakti, sexual balance, moderate lifestyle, sense of control, etc….


Eat right for your type… are you a slow oxidizer or fast oxidizer?
– There is no difference between plant protein and animal protein. It all breaks down the same way into amino acids in our system and is reorganized by the body. Some people may however claim they need more protein. This may be true, but does not mean they need animal protein. They just need the highest quality plant protein such as chlorella,  spirulina, blue-green algae and E3 live. These are 60-70% protein with 40% absorbability. *Note* Meat, chicken and fish are only 14, 15, and 16% absorbable. Animal protein is less digestible and not easily absorbed when compared to plant protein. It is quite easy for people who need more protein to thrive on a vegan diet as long as diets are individualized.  But you need to eat according to your body type… If you are a slow oxidizer you may not get hungry for hours between meals. If you are a fast oxidizer you may be hungry very often. You may be someone who needs to eat more frequent smaller meals spaced throughout the day rather than 3 large meals.

What about the low testosterone myth on a vegan diet? There are plenty of herbs that can build up your testosterone if need be. According to Dr. Cousens. Resorting to adding fish into the diet for this purpose is a bad idea! Fish are way too polluted with mercury, toxins, radiation, etc… and it doesn’t matter where you get it from. Even the most so called “pristine” sources.


Sugar! Surprise surprise… it’s bad!  Not only does it contribute to diabetes, cancer loves an acidic environment which sugar helps create! Cancer cells need 50% more sugar to survive!

  • Sugar is the main cause of aging!
  • Protein breaks down to sugar in the body and this is why many people suffer from excessive protein.
  • Sugar pulls calcium out of the system!!!!!


Eggs – A topic important enough that Dr. Cousens felt the need to discuss. What are eggs? Eggs are the menstrual product of the hen. When the egg is not fertilized it just remains as death. You don’t want to eat death! Spiritually, eating eggs is desecration of the divine feminine. That is pretty big spiritual karma right there… There are a million other reasons NOT to consume eggs, from allergies to cancer to salmonella and more. I posted his article about eggs below for further reading.


Detox Extremely important for everyone, especially the spiritual seeker.  It is better to detox doing shorter fasts than one long fast.This is true because toxins accumulate in levels in our bodies and that is how they come out. He suggests detoxing often but only 2 times per year as your longer detoxes.

 Let me interrupt you to share some *Random Notes*

70% of all chickens have Salmonella and after one year of life most all chickens develop cancer. “Dr. Rous, Nobel Prize winner and long-time researcher at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, states that 95% of the chickens for sale in New York City are cancerous. He also concurs with other researchers in stating that the chicken cancer is transmissible

Cows – 60% of cows in the world have leukemia that gets translated. People have 3% higher rates of leukemia on dairy. Pasteurization kills the leukemia virus. Dairy is linked to lung cancer and ovarian cancer. Raw milk is linked to bubonic plague.

50% of our water is polluted by animal agriculture!

There is much more carbon dioxide due to factory farming which leads to less oxygen. Less oxygen produces more cancer.

You cut 22 minutes off of your life for every hour of television you watch!

Dental issues on a raw/vegan diet – I was able to ask Dr. Cousens a few questions. I wanted to know why I hear of vegans and raw foodists having dental problems. He answered stressing the importance of a low glycemic holistic vegan diet to avoid so many sugars. Being sure to rinse your teeth often after consuming fruit and high acidic foods.

Soy-  This was my second question to Dr. Cousens, I wanted to know if there was anything good about soy from his perspective. He answered, Absolutely NOT!

A. It’s cooked

B. 92% of soy is genetically modified

C. It’s a top allergen

D. It destroys your brain

E. It’s severely anti-thyroidal

F. It blocks digestion

G. It’s cancer causing

H. It’s estrogenic


Reversal and Prevention

One person dies every 10 seconds from diabetes and forty percent of the world’s population are walking around in a pre – diabetic state. While there are many impressive things on Dr. Gabriel Cousens’s list, there is a major focus on Diabetes. Focus on the prevention of and the reversal of this chronic degenerative disease which is now a worldwide pandemic affecting about 300 million people!  If you are following the Standard American diet… YOU are at risk! The good news is that you can ditch that diet and eat in such a way that can reset your genetic expression. Yes, I said Re-Set!!! Not only can you avoid diabetes but a slew of other degenerative diseases as well.  At the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, Dr. Cousens offers a 21 day intensive which is part of a one year long program that can reset a person’s genetic expression. According to Dr. Cousens there is a cure for Diabetes as well as other degenerative diseases. This includes eating living foods and adopting a holistic vegan diet that is also low glycemic!

You can eat to reorganize your genes to work right! Three percent of our DNA is genetic and Ninety-Seven percent of our genes are epigenic.  Epigenic means “affected by everything”. We are more in control than we think. Too many people use “oh,it’s genetic” as an excuse! Eating processed foods turn on genetic toxic programming. Dr. Cousens has seen miraculous transformations of body, mind and spirit at the Tree of Life, when people incorporate living foods into their life. In as little as 40 days on his program, most diabetics come off of their insulin and medications. We can all do this on our own as well but either way, in order to make this happen, we are gonna need a little self love!

“There is a choice. You have to be willing to change your life. You have to love yourself enough to heal yourself”

~ Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Dr. Cousens is extensively involved in humanitarian efforts dealing with diabetes prevention in various parts of the world such as Nigeria and Ghana as well as many other third world countries. At first I was confused and I thought why? And then he went onto explain that in third world countries they are starting to adopt the standard American diet. They now are exposed to diabetes and all of the problems associated with it! Dr. Cousens is right there to educate them about diabetes prevention, encouraging them to go back to whole foods! And it makes sense, being that they are only ONE generation away from living off the land like they used to do. He teaches them not to become slaves dependent upon on large corporations. I agree… go back! GO BACK!!!!

“In ancient times only three diseases existed, one of which was old age; but now since people have committed to eating flesh, Seventy-Eight new diseases have arisen.”

It all comes down to the Germ Cell!

The germ cell… the sperm and the ovary. It’s about survival of the species and rates of fertility. Ever wonder why rates of infertility are so high? Recent inter-generational research by Abram Hoffer, M.D. Ph.D, in animals and people has shown that on a uniformly poor diet, the offspring of each generation deteriorates more and more. Rats continue up to eight generations before they can’t reproduce. How many generations does it take people before they can’t reproduce? I guess we are already seeing signs of this happening now. I catch myself occasionally saying, “I think it’s coming down to survival of the fittest… those who take interest in their health and diet”. I was justified in my thinking when Dr. Cousens stated that we are destroying our germ cells with each generation of processed food.

…This ties into Allergies. The more our bodies are broken down, the more allergies we will suffer!

*Vaccinations  (which by the way all contain a little human flesh) work synergystically with herbicides and pesticides which interact  and overload the system. An overloaded system leads to cancer and allergies and many other problems!

Dr. Cousens states that the future of our planet depends on conscious holistic vegan awareness. In each generation we are given the right medicine and holistic veganism happens to be the right medicine for our ailing times!

“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

~ Thomas A. Edison

Reasons to consider a holistic vegan diet

  • Preserve the germ cell and allow for healthy reproduction
  • Preserve personal health and energy
  • Feeds the hungry by cutting down dramatically the land that is needed to feed cattle and animals for meat consumption
  • Protects against anti-cruelty
  • Preserves ecology and global community
  • Maintains and protects bio-computer mind
  • More likely to maintain sovereignty due to our Standard American Diet and it’s “dumbing down” affects
  • Maintain yamas, niyamas and the 10 commandments
  • Inner peace
  • clear the Nadis and Koshas so we can become super conductors of the divine.

Eat your way out of the Matrix

The Matrix is the Death Culture… Are you stuck in the Matrix?

Break Out of the Matrix! After reading this information presented by Dr. Cousens, maybe you are able to put this puzzle together to see how we become stuck in the Matrix unable to see “beyond”. Our brains can’t function properly while consuming a standard American diet which consists of processed and animal foods full of chaos energy and cooked foods that leave us with very little nutrition. If our brains don’t work right, how can we ever see “beyond”?  Most of us don’t even realize we are in the Matrix! To add to it, the majority of Americans are taking anti-psychotics and anti-depressants which have horrendous side effects! People are in essence walking around with frontal lobotomy’s and lost moral connections. “We are destroying our germ cells with each generation of processed food” and reproduction of the human species is at risk.  Poor nutrition affects our brains.

We are stuck in a culture of death which is not of higher consciousness and not of proper thought processes.

Adaptability is so important!

And Again…My Two Cents

 Dr.Gabriel Cousens’ insight has helped me tremendously! I really admire his work. The fact that he is 68 years old, shows he knows a thing or two about longevity and how to live a vigorous healthy life! He is a very wise and accomplished man, therefore I definitely enjoyed his insight and look forward to finishing this book! I was sad to learn about Dr. Cousens perspective on Soy (but really, I have just been in denial). For many vegetarians and vegans, if you take soy away… what’s left?  I personally have researched good things about fermented soy in small quantities. Unlike Dr. Cousens who says soy is cancer causing (it could very well be, most likely, probably. I think it really sucks.) Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s work with the China Study shows that soy protein does not turn cancer “on”. Will I give it up? Not yet. I think it is a great transition food for a healthy person when consumed with that thought in mind and knowing your goal is to move away from it. The problem is that people who over ate meat and make the switch to veganism, some of them replace all  the meat they used to eat with soy products and totally over do the soy! If you can handle soy (and you should pay attention to how your body reacts after you eat it) and you choose only organic and fermented soy products like, Tempeh, Soy yogurt and Tofu, Tamari, Miso, etc… in very small  quantities and moderation, it certainly has to be a hell of a lot better that the alternative from the death energy perspective! I can’t give up soy just yet… move away slowly, yes. I will definitely be revisiting this topic soon, as it seems it needs a post all it’s own!

***I want to say a special Thank You to my very dear friend Maureen. For without her these articles would never of happened. I was invited by her to attend this workshop and we had the best time! I am truly grateful for our time together and all the ways in which she helps me grow on this journey! Another special thank you to Maureen’s dear friend Linda who was a raw food vendor at the workshop. She provided us an amazing raw food lunch. Check her out at Green Spirit!

I can’t say enough about Dr. Cousens book Spiritual Nutrition! All of this information along with the information from my post, part one is covered in much more depth! A must have for anyone wanting to become more attuned with the divine! Pick up your copy of the book at the Karmatarian E-Store and please help support me and my site! Thank you!

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this information

Enjoy the Journey!

~The Karmatarian

Further reading

Dr. Gabriel Cousens’ blog article: Deficiencies on a meat-based diet

Iodine- In researching for this post I came across a very interesting article, well worth the read….. It’s by Dr. Mercola. Kind of ironic that I would post an article by Dr. Mercola when discussing Dr. Cousens, but these two medical doctors can actually talk with one another as Dr. Cousens pointed out at the workshop. These two doctors have higher interests to actually heal people spiritually as well as physically. The article is called Avoid Bromine If You Want To Keep Your Thyroid Healthy.

WHY EGGS AREN’T A HEALTH FOOD – WHETHER ORGANIC, LOCAL, OR NOT you can read Dr. Cousen’s article here.

Hydrochloric Acid

The common ground between the primal Paleoists and the raw foodists

Coconut oil and medium chain triglycerides

There is a vegan version of Carnosine that we can obtain from Dr. Cousen’s website

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