Saying Grace and Making the Bed

Have you noticed that most people don’t bother to say Grace anymore? Or they save it for special occasions, mostly holidays, sometimes weddings, but really I can’t think of many times I have said grace in a large group setting lately. Sad isn’t it? What about saying grace or expressing thanks when no one is looking, just for yourself. Then it becomes more than the mere act of reminding others of our religious intentions.

Saying Grace is kinda like making the bed. Why make your bed when you are probably not going to be home to see it all day. Your just gonna crawl back in it and mess it up later anyway. What are the chances of someone coming by and popping into your room to check it out? You might be more motivated to make your bed when guests are coming over because God forbid they wander into your bedroom, other than that, who cares right?

Lately I have been making my bed after a long stretch of just not giving a hoot and I have to say I am noticing a significant difference in my day. I realize that we don’t fix the bed just for the sake of fixing the bed. Sure it looks nice… and that feels good, but really fixing the bed is an activity or rather an opportunity through activity we can do every day to send an important message out into the universe and to our subconscious that says I am ready for this day. I am organized. I have my S@#t together! By making the bed we are really setting the tone for our day ahead. It’s really a feeling… a vibrational energy we put forth so we can attract like energy back. I wish I never fell off that bed making wagon! Feels good to be back and without a care of who sees the effort I put forth into fluffing my pillows or folding over that corner just so…

The act of  saying grace before sitting down to a meal or even putting that snack into our mouth is kinda like making our bed, it’s an amazing opportunity to set the tone and to lift our vibration multiple times per day. So why not just do it? Well, we are usually in a hurry, our mind is stuck on our pesky to-do list or the procrastinator in us thinks that we eat so damn often we can just say thanks later.  By actually setting aside a minute to say thanks, like making the bed,  it can help set the tone for our meal and even our entire day. Why not say grace at breakfast? Is it only ritual to say grace at dinner time? Either way we might actually remind ourselves to sit and mindfully eat our food. Kind of a foreign concept. When is the last time you ate ‘in the moment’ and savored every bite? Once in a while I catch myself standing next to the counter wolfing down my food… hell, I don’t even make it to the table on busy days!

Believe it or not, gratitude may have the power to change the molecular makeup of food!

Why do we want to lift our vibration you ask? because we want to attract more of what we are grateful for into our lives! Gratitude and love energy vibrate at the highest frequency and expressing gratitude can play an important role in our health! A great article by Diane A. Thompson called “An attitude of Gratitude has tangible health benefits”  talks about how being grateful affects our emotional and our physical well being.

From what I have learned, projecting gratitude onto basic things like food and water can impact our health. The human body is made up of 70-90% water along with our entire planet. Water is the source of all life. Did you know that it has been proven that molecules of water change upon projecting certain thoughts onto them? The documentary called “What the Bleep Do We Know” regarding  gratitude energy and quantum physics is a must see! This film features Dr. Masaru Emoto who extensively researches water around the planet.  He realized that it was in the frozen crystal form that water showed us its true nature. His experiments project thoughts or blessings upon the water and then the frozen crystals reflect back to us how that energy has affected and changed that water. He has gained worldwide acclaim through his groundbreaking research and discovery that water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness.

I had the wonderful opportunity to see Dr. Emoto’s presentation live at Duke University a few years ago. I was absolutely blown away by his research and it sure made me think. I have blessed and thanked the water ever since!  Here is an amazing 6 minute video partially taken from “What the Bleep Do We Know” about Dr. Emoto’s findings.  Be sure to take in and enjoy the beautiful music midway to the end because Dr. Emoto also proves that music is a powerful energy changer as well…

If that video doesn’t totally motivate us to meditate than I don’t know what will! I posted another fascinating and even more informative video about Dr. Emoto’s work at the end of this post! I recommend watching that one too!

Tying all of this into food…

Now that physical proof exists that our thoughts and vibrations are extremely important ‘things’ that have the ability to change energy, if we are 70-90% water, how are our thoughts changing our bodies? How are our thoughts about food which is made up of water changing our bodies?!? I think of food as fuel for my cells and it’s harder to eat crap when you think this way.  But if we are still going to eat crap, could holding the vibration of gratitude over food we are about to eat actually change that food’s molecular structure for the highest good to be utilized by our bodies? It can do so for water! Food for thought huh? Did you see those before and after photos of the blessed water?! That’s all the proof I need!

Creating a Habit

Most of us mean well, and saying grace at every meal is probably just a matter of creating a habit. This is what I am working on right now in my life because my friends, I am sad to say, I often forget to say thanks.  I am guilty! Maybe I take gratitude for granted because I have never felt more grateful for the food I eat since going vegan and raw. More about that below, but sadly I realize that I rarely take the opportunity to be mindful while chowing down my food and express my thanks intentionally! We aren’t exactly clear how many days it takes an action to become habit but along with fixing the bed, Journaling my goals and gratitude each morning, daily meditation, repeating my attitude of wealth declarations, flossing, working out more consistently (motivation being summer!) and tons of others which are NOT easy, the best and most important habit I am trying to form, no matter how many days it takes, is to remember to say Grace… simply a thank you for this food!

At this stage in the game I’m still forming the habit and I forget often only to end up remembering half way through my meal or sometimes when I have swallowed the last bite. I’m human. Slowly but surely this habit will stick! Now I’m trying to send out my thankful vibes while preparing my food well before I sit my butt down in the chair to eat it. While chopping broccoli, not only will I be singing Dana Carvey’s famous song (in my head of course), I will be sending out my blessings to ALL and a thank you to God, the great spirit, Mother Nature, the sun, the land, thank you to the farmers and the workers who spend long hot days in the field, thank you to the producers, the truckers who leave their families for days to drive food to the stores and to the stores who bring us food for purchase, thank you for the fuel to move the farming equipment, my car to get me to the farmers market or store and thank you to the water, the rain from the heavens that helped grow everything…  so on and so on. That’s not even scratching the surface is it? Chop. EUH.

The Raw Food Vegan Diet and the Spiritual Seeker

When we eat, we are really doing more than just satisfying a hungry stomach. We are feeding our heart, mind, and spirit. Changing  to a vegan diet I now naturally have a heightened sense of gratitude for food that I never had before.  It could be because decisions about what to put in my mouth now are extremely conscious, maybe because it takes more effort to avoid animal products. I am not sure. What I do know is that junk food is SO abundant I just remember never thinking much about food in the past or where it came from let alone being grateful for it. Now I am an addict. Addicted to ethical food and the higher {{{vibes}}} of gratitude. I am forever changed!

Being a spiritual seeker, I seek to learn of the many ways I can keep myself in the highest vibration which is Love and Gratitude. Diet plays a HUGE part in this! Many great spiritual teachers recommend eating a vegetarian diet to enhance one’s spiritual practices. This is due to the effect the energy of raw, living foods has upon the energy of the human body. Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D., describes in his book Spiritual Nutrition that eating raw foods helps us clear away blocks that prevent us from tapping into our direct connection with the divine and our spiritual natures. Raw foods energize the body and turn us into human antennas that resonate with their high vibrating frequencies. Sounds pretty cool to me!

With all that we know about the power of gratitude, imagine the collective power of saying grace if millions of people would do this!

How do you express your gratitude for your food? Any favorite prayers or rituals? Do you pray at certain meals only? Do you make your bed… come on, you can tell me!

Enjoy the Journey,

The Karmatarian~

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